About Us

Different Places, Different Cultures, and One Common Goal: To Help Others Eat Better to Live Better.

We are driven by our vision

Bonafide Dietitians was created by Kelly Ahearn, MS RDN CDN as a means to promote peace through food. During graduate school at NYU Kelly traveled abroad to Hong Kong in a joint program between Food Studies and Media & Communications to study the food and culture. She lived abroad in Germany before moving to NYC and loved learning about and eating local cultural foods wherever she traveled. Wanting to share this love of food, nutrition and travel with others Bonafide Dietitians was born.

Reaching out to other dietitians around the globe Kelly sought after those who shared the same mission and vision as she in wanting to educate others and who wore multiple hats in their career mixing both entrepreneurial characteristics with clinical skills while staying true to evidence-based nutrition therapy. She also seeks to include more dietitians who share the same values and to grow Bonafide Dietitians as a platform for nutrition experts to be creative, represent their food culture, promote wellness and grow their own brand as an expert in their field.

Bonafide Dietitians is 100% original. Kelly thought up the concept on her own time in her own mind and shared it with a friend who is a professional web developer, Talha Khan, who graciously agreed to work with her on this project. She invites you to visit the site to learn about real food, nutrition and other cultures so you may better understand how food has a voice. We welcome feed back and hope you enjoy learning about food from around the world!